Chapter 10. The Fatal Mistake of Humanity – We Got God All Wrong


We got god all wrong says New Age author Neale Donald Walsch.  This revelation has come to us during the middle of the Apocalypse.  If we got god wrong, then what is god, what are the consequences of getting our god ideas wrong?   What if our imagined god can’t do the feats we’ve assigned to him?  The consequences may be devastating if we got god wrong and are expecting his return if we created an Apocalypse with our Bible beliefs.

We are now we are in the Apocalypse because of our beliefs but now are finding out that our myths are mere mental fictions, god can’t return and in fact god doesn’t even care what we do including our own extinction.  Maybe we would of all been better off if we never heard of god.  Maybe we would be all better off if all the Bibles were gathered up and torched before we do any more damage to ourselves.

God, real or not, is a huge problem because perception is everything in politics.  Is redefining the god meme at this point going to change anything?  I think not.  Most people are steadfast in their beliefs and the only way they are going to change their viewpoint is when they die or the civilization crumbles from an economic collapse or nuclear war.  We are at the edge of being disappointed with god’s magic powers.

The New Agers, excited by Neale Walsch’s material, are not going to change the world any time soon.  The relatively few progressive thinking hominids are not going to change the world quick enough to stop the world’s plunge into chaos.  The world is following a logical progression from past energies, and we are headed for one huge train wreck.  We are in the middle of Apocalypse now, a new trend in religion is hardly going to change the current trajectory.

Neale Walsch’s latest book, God’s Message to the World – You’ve Got Me All Wrong’, brings up a good question, if we got the Jewish Bible deity all wrong then what is God and what are its limitations?  God is obviously not what we thought.  God is a meme, the attributes we assigned to god are based on faulty assumptions, god is nothing like what we’ve believed all along.  God can’t do what we think he can, in fact, according to Neale Walsch, god isn’t very much interested in our prayers, wishes, or problems.

Has our imagined god has failed us at this critical point in our history if we are expecting it to return and save us?  What if Jesus is a literary construct of the Roman state, what if Jesus can’t return because he never existed?  What if the rapture is a mere fantasy of the Evangelicals and that their support of Israel is a tragic mistake of our civilization?  What if the drive to force Jesus to return is a deadly delusion of spellbound Christians?

“This book explores seventeen statements about God. Here they are:

• God is to be feared.

• God may not even exist.

• God exists and is a superhuman male being.

• God demands obedience.

• God sees us as imperfect, and we may not return to God in an imperfect state.

• God requires us to believe in God, and to worship God in a specific way.

• God is vengeful and God’s love can turn to wrath.

• God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began.

• God determines what is right and wrong.

• God’s forgiveness is required for us to get into heaven.

• God has a plan for us.

• God is on our side.

• God honors self-sacrifice, long-suffering (preferably in silence), and martyrdom.

• God sometimes answers our prayers and sometimes does not.

• God will reward us or punish us on Judgment Day.

• God wants us to return to heaven.

• God is separate from us.

Not one of these statements is true.”


God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God demanding that we worship, believe in, and approach God in a certain and particular way is plainly and simply inaccurate.

     It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

     God does not care what religion we belong to (or whether we belong to any religion at all). Religions are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

     God doesn’t care what we believe about God (or whether we believe in God at all). Beliefs are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

     God doesn’t look to us to provide God with something that God needs (because God needs nothing at all). Needs are the inventions and conventions of humanity.

     The need to be worshipped (to say nothing of the command to be loved) could only be the characteristic of an insecure, unfulfilled, imperious, tyrannical ruler—which cannot possibly describe the God of this universe.

Neale tells us that God doesn’t need to be worshipped and to do so diminishes our own creative ability.  So what does that imply about all these churches, especially the megachurches, who are politicized institutions of state foreign policy?  The Christians are in a widespread and deadly end times delusion, and they are ratcheting up the ante, supporting Israeli actions in the Middle East even though that nation did 911.

What can we say about our imagined God if we take an objective look at the world right now?  God is bad, he isn’t doing his job.  There are more believers than ever and God simply isn’t working, the slaves are not inspired and we are looking at a very bleak future, which is probably a nuclear war.  God gets an flunking grade and we get megadeath.

According to billions of people, religionists of all Abrahamic stripes, there’s this omnipotent God that interacts with humanity and the world. According to them, God even wipes out all of humans periodically save a chosen few. According to them he talks to us, intercedes on our behalf if we have faith. According to billions of people, God is a potent interactive force in the world.

So how should we grade God, the omnipotent deity, that everyone believes in, and our experience?  God still talks to us, God is wired into the matrix, God is the matrix and will talk to us.  Neale Donald Walsch reports, in his ‘Conversation With God’ book series, that God is talking to us all of the time, the problem is that most of us are not listening to him.

The theist argument of blaming man for humanities failures can not exonerate God.  God is always to blame because God created Universe, meaning God created all the particles, matter, consciousness, interactions, plays, life lessons, etc..  God created all of it, so only that entity could be blamed for any failure of creation.

Any failure of humanity to receive and upload inspirational advice still rests with the creator since the motivations of the human being are also part of the creation.  If God created us then he created all of us including our receptive ability and the emotional body that processes the God instructions.  If we fail to take God’s advice, then who really failed?

So how does God get out of his flunking grade?  We have to redefine him, in a new way so that God is not responsible for anything that is happening to us.  That is exactly what Neale does, God is now off the hook, by casting God in a new image God can still be with us, he won’t have to be ejected from our consciousness.

Humanity is never going to come together and be inspired on the scale envisioned by Neale Walsch.  We haven’t figured out God for our entire history and we are now at the end of our history, it is to late.  I do not believe that humanity has a chance, we are simply to late, we did not figure it out in time. The world is going to pay dearly for believing in the Holy Bible as the words of god.

We are in the middle of the Apocalypse and Neale Walsch doesn’t have a single church to his name.  Even in Neale’s hometown of very liberal Ashland, Oregon the fundamentalist Christian churches are thriving, old time religion still sells.  Fear still sells, parishioners are still forking over their hard earned cash to the Bible preachers.  The Bible is going to continue to be a potent force in the near future, so that means the Apocalypse will continue right up to the bitter end.

Not one person is trying to indict Obama and Netanyahu for what they have done for causing the complete destruction of Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq for the Greater Israel Project.  Nothing is going to change the trajectory of humanities greatest mistake of letting the Jews rule over us – we are headed toward Armageddon because Israel will take down the whole world before she gives up anything.

Most people don’t have a clue as to what is going on – they won’t talk about the real politic in the mainstream media.  We refuse to talk about Jews and how they worked us over.  We are nowhere near a solution when we can’t even muster the courage to talk about the Jewish problem.  Our ideas about God are not going to change anytime soon, the Jews control the media and thus control the televangelists and their pro-Israel message.

The rapturous believers are packing the concert halls, this is it, the grand finale, where faith destroys the world.  Christians are in on it with Israel, they are going to take us down to prove their version of god.  All the carnage in the Middle East is their great faith at work.  If that doesn’t damn us I don’t know what will.

Most people are not paying attention and don’t care about what matters.  The megachurches are filled to capacity, the sheep are never going to figure it out in time – we are looking at the abyss.  How can you become critical about Jewish power when you are in a church worshipping the very people destroying your civilization?



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