Chapter 6. The Antichrist Emerges


Not everyone is fooled by the Apocalyptic deception, author and Evangelist Debra Barclay informs us that Benjamin Netanyahu is the antichrist because he fulfills Bible prophecy.  In the video posted below she says Bibi is the first born son of Israel.   She says the importance of the first born prime minister has the power to rule over the nation of Israel.

All the prime minister of Israel have been born in Poland except for Bibi Netanyahu who was born of Polish parents in Israel.  Not one of them, nor 98% of the returning diaspora has any blood claim to Palestine.  Furthermore the Holy Bible is not a fact book, it is very bad myth, very bad Jewish written myth.  No god every gave land to some Jews way back when.  It was all made up by the Rabbinic priest who wanted to steal some land and then wrote his theft proclamation as the “words of god”.

What Miss Barclay doesn’t understand that the current of prophetic flow is our creation in the present caused by belief of past text.  We don’t have to manifest prophecy, we humans have the perfect ability to cut the program script short and stop behaving like stupid apes.  But Bibi ain’t never going to stop with his raging simian antics is he?  And, Debra Barclay and all the rest of the Evangelical movement are NOT going to stop believing in the Bible text, are they?

We are full on manifesting prophecy and no side is going to give up any territory.  No Israeli is going to give land back to the natives anymore than how Americans took land from the native Indians.  Both American Christians and Israeli Zionists are “quantumly entangled” in the forceful act of stealing land from the previous occupiers.  Both are using Bible text to justify their acts.  No one is going to change because doing the negative acts of forceful displacement only traps the doer in low consciousness and low vibration.

What no Evangelist understands, including Debra Barclay, is that we have the conscious choice not to act out prophecy, after all we were the ones that imagined it in the first place.  Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t have to play the role of the antichrist, he could have a transformative experience like the Grinch, and open his heart to love.  He could love the Palestinians instead of killing them.  But he isn’t going to do that, is he?

Bibi opening his heart is not likely, is it?  What is more probable is that Satanyahu will continue down the road to perdition, he will continue to ethnically cleanse Palestine of the native Semites, he will continue with his program until the entire world is caught up in a nuclear conflagration.  What is likely is a continuation of the trend, and a continuation into the depths of depravity.  There’s no way anyone involved surfacing out of the sewer any time soon.

Debra Barclay was first to realize that the infamous antichrist head wound was the loss of the ‘head of stateship‘ of Bibi Netanyahu.  He was prime minister but lost it to Ehud Olmert in 1999.  He regained his head of stateship in 2009 and implement his fascist terror campaign in order to state seated.  Bibi is the author of the terror war, he’s probably the one of the masterminds behind 911, he is keeping his head of stateship with the political use of fear and terror.

If the world would love one another and not believe the Bible text literal then we could stop the self destruct sequence.  But that is not likely because the Holy Bible has a Gila monster death grip on human consciousness.  Everyday that book injects poison into the collective human mind and it is killing us.  Everyday in America sings hosannas to Israel.  The death cult has a firm grip on America.

Is Bible text coming true because it’s the word of god?  Are we in the end times?  Is the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelations manifesting?  Yes, Christians are manifesting the Bible memes, they are bringing to life the Bible words and making it reality.   They are doing it – not some god.  The mistake was to create the state in the first place which allowed maniacs like Netanyahu to take over.  Now there is hell to pay, Bible created hell.

bible apocalypse being made manifest

Revelations is allegory for the rule of Roman Caesars first century AD.  It had nothing to do with us or our time until we made it so.  Now it has re-manifested as reality, all the horror of Revelation made real by Evangelical belief.  Without the adoring worship and political support of millions of Christian Evangelicals, Bibi would of never gotten away with mass murder.  Christian America is rolling out the red carpet for Zionist Israeli terror.

The state is the beast of Revelation, the different heads of the beast are the nations, the horns the individual rulers.  Clearly the monster state is our creation, we created it by believing the Bible true, thus the Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction because we believe in this external authority meme and have handed our own personal authority over to the external entity called the state.


Christians are literally animating Bibi Netanyahu.  We need to snap the masses out of the Bible spell.  Group thought is creating the Apocalypse, all the horror and suffering, all the wounded and killed little children in the Middle East is being caused by Apocalyptic belief furor.  Christians believe in the state, they believe in myth god and have handed their authority to the external authority.

Thus Christians have committed a terrible sin and empowered the state, the external authority , which is the real devil.  They have allowed the rise of the antichrist Bibi Netanyahu, they have worshipped the Jews and the state of Israel.  Now the world has hell to pay in dealing with the ‘little horn of Daniel’ the antichrist manifest, Bibi Satanyahu.


We are manifesting Bible text, we are in what we have created, the Apocalypse is now, the Bible is being brought to life by billions of believing Christians.  This doesn’t make the Bible true like they believe, it is proof of the creative power of the human mind.  Humans are stupid apes for allowing any of this to happen.

The source of all this evil pouring out on earth is the Torah text itself.  No god ever wrote that book, it was written by embittered vengeful Rabbis who imagined an angry vengeful deity, an outpicturing of their own emotions, a deity who ruled with an iron rod and smited (short for semite vengeance) their enemies.  The authority of the priest made manifest through the judicious use of the god meme.

The Torah beget the Talmud which beget the Protocols and then the Zionist project, the Israeli state.  The logic of the Jewish holy books follows A–> B –> C, the books of the Jews follow a logical progression, ever deeper hatred of mankind until they formed a state right in the middle of Arab central.  Israel is the logical end product of hateful thinking, Jew central plopped right down in the middle of the Arab states.


Zionism is not some aberration of Jewish thinking, it is the only logical end product of Rabbinic holy text.  The Jewish holy books reflect the tribe’s emotions, because writing is a reflection of one’s spirit, Jewish writings reflect this fear and hate. The Jewish holy books are collection of vengeful memes to control and manipulated people outside of their tribe, that is, everyone who isn’t born a Jew. So as Judaism evolved, diabolical control of rival tribes became inevitable.

The emotion of hatred is the starting point of Judaism and the devil is in the details.  Hatred toward an individual or hatred toward a rival tribe was later expressed as hatred toward rival nation states. Like any memeplex, Judaism keeps evolving toward more perfect hate, that’s why post Torah holy books like the Talmud and Protocols are more and more radical.  The Holy Bible is encoded Jewish hate, it is the hatred of one tribe for all others.  To think the Holy Bible is love is to flip reality on it’s head.


The Christians are worshipping this inversion of love, they are whoreshipping Jewish power, the worship of judgment as love.  This widespread god delusion that possesses much of the west is causing the horror in the Middle East, without the huge political support of tens of millions of voting Evangelicals, the United States would not be supporting Israel and letting her get away with crimes against humanity.

This Apocalyptic fervor is a grave mistake and leading the world rapidly toward a nuclear holocaust.  Power is not love, it is extremely low vibration, Jews and their Zionist Christian allies are wallowing in extremely low judgmental consciousness and taking the world down with them.  With every despicable act they trap themselves and the rest of the world into their morass.

The Christian church is manifesting the Apocalypse, they have empowered the monster state of Israel and it’s first born son, the antichrist Satanyahu.  They are threatening to take the whole world down with them, they will destroy the planet and even wipe out homo sapiens just to prove their religion true.  We, as a specie are crazy to allow the Evangelical crazies to run the asylum, we must take our nations back and put down the Jew rebellion against mankind.


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