Chapter 8. The Messiah Spell


Jews are the major cause of insanity on this planet.  No one can argue against this revelation anymore, from the War of Terror, to smashing airplanes into buildings or destroying the entire Middle East around the stolen land of Palestine, the Jews are behind the chaos, the destruction, the calculated destabilization, the murdering and wounding of millions upon tens of millions of human beings.  When will this madness end?

The only reason anyone puts up with this intense extremist behavior is because the Jews have a holy book that so many believe as the words of God.  The god meme allows the Jews to destroy like demons out of hell all the while the adoring believers look up to Jews and Israel.  If it wasn’t so evil it would be funny, right in front of our eyes are the Jew destroyers ethnically cleansing the Middle East of all Semites, Christians, and any other non-Jew and the Christians adore these mad Hebrews as if they are divine.

Bible believers have a filter over their consciousness that disallows seeing the Jews as the destroyers.  How did the world come to this condition, where the worst people on the planet are revered as the holiest?  The only answer is the success of the Jewish written holy book, the Holy Bible is compendium of Jewish thought and spirituality concerning God and they (obviously) got it all wrong because instead of saving us the book is a superhighway into Jew hell.

Jesus the messiah is a spell, even the word ‘Jesus’ is a spellbinding meme to many people.  How can a totally fictitious person become the savior of the world?  How can the entire Western world be caught in the religious spell even though science has trumped much of the Holy Bible teachings?  How can men be totally spellbound by a 2,000 year old Roman myth?  The situation is unbelievable.

Virtually no one believes in the flat earth or an earth centered solar system.  The earth being at the center of the Universe is now universally recognized as anthropocentrism.  Likewise, no geologist believes in the 6,000 year old planet, it is regarded as a religious belief held over from a pre-scientific era.  If the Bible was wrong about origin and earth science, why would any modern educated person still be spellbound by a messiah myth?

Where did Jesus come from, how did any of this happen, why are we so totally duped to keep believing even though we know it isn’t true?  What is wrong with the human being?  What is so off about our specie that we keep believing in myth when much of it is proven wrong?

Could it be that we are under a memetic spell that is so strong that even mainstream scientists can subscribe to modern biology, geology, physics and still be under the influence of the spell?  What is a spell, how does it work, and why was Rome so interested in casting a spell on Judea?  How is the Jesus spell related to the current Apocalypse in the Middle East?

The Jew obviously has no clue as to what God is, or the characteristics of God, or what God wants.  In fact, the Jew is completely clueless as to “god” because the description of God in the Holy Bible is completely wrong.  How more obvious can it be that a “creator” God does not command you to kill or blow shit up or level towns or do false flags like blowing up nuclear power plants that will pollute the world’s largest fishery.  Plain and simple, the Jews got God all wrong.

So this idea of a Jewish savior must be examined for those Christians/Muslims who are basing their theology on the original Jewish holy books.  According to the New Testament, Jesus affirmed the Torah.  This is the problem because the Torah binds you to the Jews, if the Torah is wrong then you have your religion based on wrongness.  Thus this Jesus savior character can not save you because this Jewish character bonds you to the destroyer, if you believe in Jesus you are affirming the Jew and the Torah.

There can be no Jesus without the Old Testament (Torah) stories.  The old text establishes the new text, without the stories of god and separation in the old text there would be no reason for the salvation of the new text.  The problem is the Old Testament construct of god is dead wrong, thus everything that follows in the New Testament is also wrong.  Jesus the messiah construct is wrong because the Rabbinic thinking is wrong.

Be very clear about this, Christianity is built on the priest lies of the Torah.  There never was a first man, there never was a fall from grace or the first ‘original’ sin, there was never this judgmental deity.  You have to understand that there is no such thing as sin that can separate you from divinity because god is in you, not external, not separate like the text says.  The entire construct written by the Rabbinic class is completely off and thus no one ever needed to be saved from the wrath of the father god.

What Christianity is, is just more Jewish separation from the whole of humanity.  The Christian, like the Jew, believes they have ‘special’ status with god.  In the case of the Jew, the tribe members are brainwashed into believing that they were chosen, with Christians, they believe that they are saved and get eternal life.  None of it is true, it is a widespread memetic virus mind delusion that creates artificial separation between the believers and the rest of humanity.

So this idea that the Jew can save you is a bad joke and the major cause of insanity for much of the entire Western world that is possessed by the idea of a Jewish savior.  If you believe in Jesus then you must believe the Jewish holy text which names the Jews as the chosen ones and all the rest, that Jews are separate from the rest of humanity.  Thus believing in the Jewish messiah only keeps you confused as to the true nature of the Jews and supporting the destroyers and their doctrine of exclusionism.

No one can die for your sins, you define yourself by your thoughts, words, and actions, that is who you are and no one has the right to judge you for it, not in this life or the next.  But judgmental fearful humans can not accept the idea of free will or free thought so they join the club and impose judgment on everyone.  The myth of afterlife judgment establishes the basis for the Jewish courts in this life.

Think about this a moment, the Native Americans were here for 10,000 years and had no cops, no jails, and no judges handing out sentences for marijuana possession.  If you understand how severe this monotheistic belief system is, this intolerance for others who choose differently, you will soon realize that fascism is the gift of the Jews.  Monotheism is the original source of fascism because it is intolerance for all other gods except for the one true god of the monotheist monsters.

What you really need is salvation from the Jews not the salvation from a Jew. Christians are easily politically maneuvered into war for Jewish interests, like the war on Muslims.  Christians and Muslims should be natural allies but so long as Jews control the media and foreign policy of state, the two are pitted against one another in an ever increasing war that has reached to an Apocalyptic scenario.

Christians are way the hell off with their steadfast love for the Jewish carpenter who is doing absolutely nothing about the mayhem and destruction in the Middle East around the monotheist hell state of Israel.  What is happening now disproves themessiah theory, no Jesus is doing anything to stop the destruction, the Jesus god is completely absent from the destruction.  Jesus is belief only, not a real person or god.

Evangelical Christians are really off with their salvation doctrine – the belief that only the belief in Jesus gets you heaven.  The fundamentalist Christian believes that faith alone is the route to salvation, thus they ignore suffering that their very faith is causing.  Jews love that, because any fool that believes their religious propaganda is easily manipulated into a political strategy of dominance.  Thus we can conclude that faith in the Jewish written Bible as the words of God is one of the primary destroying forces of the Apocalypse.

What the wide eyed spellbound Evangelical believer can not see is that his faith is the cause of the destruction.  Believing in Jesus without reservation or doubt is a force driving the Apocalypse.  No matter how much destruction the Jews reign down upon earth, nothing will sway the Christian literalist believer – who views this destruction as a celebration and validation of his faith.

The only reason Israel gets away with anything is because of American Christian Evangelical solidarity.  How can Jesus be real when Christians are the last to know that Israel did 911?  Where’s their god when they need truth about 911?  Jesus is completely Absent Without Leave (AWOL) within the Christian pastor community, they are not telling the sheep what is going on and how the Jews and Israel are behind it all.

In fact, quite the opposite is happening, the Evangelical pastors are circling the wagons around the aggressive policies of Satanyahu.  The peaceful Jesus has been subverted by the Christian Zionist churches now married to the Neocon war policies, all hell has broken out in the Middle East, state after nation state is toppled because Christian Amerika is backing Zionist Israel all the way.  Why?  Christians are Hebrew converts, the two religions are joined together by holy text.

Every vengeful political move of the devil Netanyahu is being television approved by apostate pastor John Hagee.  What does that say about Evangelical movement?  It is aligned with evil, thus it must be evil.  Belief in Jesus ‘as the only way’ must be an evil thought. Monotheism is the original source of fascism, my way or the highway is the cultural attitude of those caught up in the one true god theory.

Can you see that faith is an evil, it is causing evil?  The only conclusion that a rational mind can come to is that blind belief in the Jewish savior is a really, really, evil thing.  Jesus may not be real, but belief in Jesus is real and it is creating real effects in this world today.  Belief in the one true Jewish messiah is a force to be reckoned with and I believe that it has such a mind lock on the population that nuclear war is the only way to break the spell.

So how can we be in this unbelievable situation?  How can America be completely controlled by little demonic Israel and not a Christian soul makes a peep about what is happening to our country and it’s tradition of freedom and liberty?  Why is our nation in a death spiral and  no one can stop the decline?  Faith.  Faith is the force driving the horse of the Apocalypse.  Belief in Jesus the messiah is evil, can you see that, can you realize that no one needs to be saved because the Jewish construct of god is dead wrong?

It all started nearly two thousand years ago when Vespasian and Titus sacked Jerusalem and then wrote a myth to convert Jews to a religion acceptable to Rome.  Christianity swept the Gentile world and it never changed the old Jewish ways and thus created the deadly condition where modern Christians are unable to identify the Jews as a problem because they’ve been converted to the cult of Hebraic thinking.

The Gentiles went for the new religion, not the Jews who preferred staying with their old ways of being destroyers forever.  Christianity was born out of previous myth with a Jewish savior pasted into the sun god tales by historian and Jewish scholar Josephus.  What Christian wants to hear the truth about their solar deity?  Who wants to hear that Jesus was invented on paper?  Who has the courage to confront their own mortality and accept death?

Christianity swept the western world and the rest is our malignant history and the confusion still grips the leaders of the Church like the current Pope (Rothschild whore) who thinks Global Warming and Holocaust real and gives a free pass to Jews and Israel.  The man is pathetic, he is allied with the destroyer Jews. How can he be otherwise, when he believes in the Jewish holy book?

The Pope is typical of modern Christians who bow down to the monetary power structure instead of confronting the Jewish Zionist demons for their reprobate behavior.  The Pope is the leader of the damned, no real spiritual leader would ever go to wall and kiss the supposed remains of Solomon’s Second Temple, the first central bank of the Jews.  What the Pope is doing is destructive and demeaning and he is a damn fool or mightily confused because of Bible text.

No sane person would ever look up to the Jew or look for guidance from the Jew.  Allowing Jews to run your government is national suicide, look at what they are doing to all the Western democracies, look at how the Jewish run America is false flagging us into a police state and running the nation’s finances into bankruptcy.  For the Pope to affirm the Jews and the Holocaust is pure insanity.

But Christians aren’t the only group taken in by Jewish holy books, you also have this huge religion of Islam also based on the Bible memes, and the followers are also on their knees because they think God needs something.  Does God want you to bend your knee to him?  Who is it that wants your knees bent?  The Rabbi, the Priest, the Imam – not God!  If you can not figure that out then you will get what you so justly deserve, you will be the slave of the Jewish Rothschild Zionist mafia slave system.

The reason all three Abrahamic religions are so destructive is that they all start with the same wrong assumptions, like God is judgmental and angry, that God needs something.  This needy god is an assumption based on faulty observation of thunderstorms.  God is the life force that is inside of you, he isn’t out there separate from you, and you can not be separated from this life force by sin like the monotheist claims.  You don’t have to do a damn thing to get to heaven.

This blind belief in Jesus is the force driving the Apocalypse, blind belief without critical thinking is cause for insanity amongst a population of Christians who are ruled by Jews but won’t admit Jewish power or that Israel did 911.  The nation is in a death spiral and the people are dumb as sheep in total denial because of their religious faith.


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