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The Apocalypse Unveiled: Introduction


Most people are not aware that we are in the middle of the prophesied Apocalypse, thinking it may lie in the immediate future or not happen at all.  The Apocalypse is our ultimate fantasy brought to life, we are in the middle of it right now but deny that we have anything to do with it.  How can we be in the Apocalypse and not even know it let alone be unable to identify the players?  What is the beast, what is the fearsome thing we’ve unleashed upon ourselves?

What almost all do not realize is that we are creating this end times event with our beliefs, that the Apocalypse is not inevitable prophecy but a creation of group thought.  Such an idea is a heresy to the mainstream religion which has taught that humans are governed by gods who have authority and power over us.  The Apocalypse is the unveiling of this myth, it is the realization at the end of history that we create our reality because the creative force is not with the external authority but within us.

The Apocalypse is the end times unveiling that our cultural myths have blinded us to our creative power, that we are responsible for our creative potential, that our myths were written by the priest class with the specific intention of disempowering us so that they could attain political power.  During the Apocalypse we find out that no one has any authority over another, and that state institutions that consolidate power based on these myths is a deadly delusion – the end times beast of Revelation is the state itself created by belief in this extra-dimensional external authority commonly believed to be god.

At the center of this controversy is Israel, which is efficiently using the state apparatus to genocide the native Palestinians, organizing ISIS to wage hellish war on neighboring Arab nations, and it is able to do this because the Jews own the myth;  they wrote the Holy Bible claiming divine chosen status amongst all other nations.  We are now in the middle of the Apocalypse and the omnipotent god-like state is now openly killing us with impunity.  Police are being trained in Israel to kill citizens, Americans are being treated as cattle, they are being herded and killed by the holy chosen ones.

This unique holy status allows Jews to manipulate the Christian nations into war against their enemies, they even control much of the United States foreign policy even though they were the prime player in the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center attack.  America should be bombing Israel off the map, but instead the nation is committing suicide by protecting the very evil that is destroying us. Christians are completely unable to challenge the authors of their holy book, like Zombies they willfully march to their deaths in these Israeli contrived wars based on the 911 deception.

America is the nation being manipulated beyond belief, Christians have abandoned the New Testament teachings of compassion and love and have embraced the brutality of the Zionist state, they’ve become the apostate religion of their own end times prophecy!  Unable to intellectually challenge the Jews, Christians and their host nations are being driven to ruin without one peep of protest from any mainstream preachers.  They have given up their right to life to the gods of destruction, the apostate Christian church has gone all in with Israel in a self-destructive death spiral. 

These death cult zombies are driving America into a nuclear war with Russia.  Russia suffers no illusions about us or our whoreish allegiance to Israel and the Rothschild banking system, Russia has been invaded again and again by the West and is on high nuclear alert while we play in the Middle East sandbox like little children unaware of the angry bear approaching.

The Apocalypse is now, it is being created by us right now because of our evil ideas about god.  God is not what we think, he isn’t giving us rules or demanding our allegiance because of his authority.  These very statist religious ideals are creations of the priest who gained political power by writing authoritarian myth.  We need to realize that, and see that the beast is man made system of state authority.  The creative force of the Universe is not needy and demanding animal or human sacrifice.  The Universe, Nature, or God doesn’t give a hoot if we get it wrong or wipe ourselves out.

Chapter 1. The Apocalypse is a Personal Affair


When I was a boy I wandered the deciduous canopied forests of Northeast Ohio.  The impression of this natural environment first won my spirit then my mind, the religion I was taught was soon discarded as vibrationally wrong to what I knew felt right, then as I gained adulthood I spent four decades undoing the Catholicism I was taught as the “absolute truth”.

I can still remember the first time this greater spirit talked to me, my brother and I were trying to walk like Indians amongst the birch, tulip, oak, and maple trees interlaced between the last ice age strewn sandstone boulders.  While we tiptoed down a deer path, hoping to catch a glimpse of one, the Great Spirit told me directly to walk in a straight line one foot in front of another.  I did so and instructed my brother to walk purposefully with toes in line with the path.

It felt good to my soul that the great father was not only watching me but instructing me on how to behave as a proper Indian.  God was obviously pleased with my choice to be like a native. I learned to walk like an Indian in the creation, putting one foot purposely and delicately in front of another, keeping quiet so as to not disturb the other lifeforms.  Being quiet and observant allows one to take in the magnificent symphony of life.

Little did I know that my spiritual guidance from on high was going to create such discord in my upcoming future and put me at odds with my parents, family, culture, and nation state.  God of my experience was not matching the vicious god of my culture, the Jewish Bible god did not resonate with my experience.  So what was it going to be with me, what choice was I going to make, experiential spiritual knowledge or head truth?  I did both, oscillating between being employed in a culture gone mad in warfare and the peaceful path of a spiritual warrior.

Looking back at all the trauma of being raised in a strict religious household of fearful descendants of German and Irish immigrants I have to wonder why I stay duped for so long, I should of run away from my indoctrinational schooling as soon as I became a teenager, that would of reduced my parochial caused suffering.  My will and instinct should of taken me away from the brainwashing sooner, I should of chosen the red path much earlier.

Now I know, for an absolute fact, that the Jewish messiah named Jesus was complete and total fiction.  No man named Jesus ever existed, no god is going to judge us in this life or the next, that the entire construct was placed in my mind for political control not as spiritual salvation.   I know beyond all doubt that no one needs to be forgiven by god because the entire construct of salvation is a fiction of judgmental Jewish writers who created the storylines of Old and New Testaments in order to achieve political power by use of myth.

My own personal apocalypse, the final nail in my own personal Jesus coffin, came after I listened to Joseph Atwill describe how the Romans created a new sun savior man-god myth to convert messianic Jews to an acceptable style paganism of empire.  Christianity is state propaganda and the primary writer was Josephus, all the Gospel writer names also fictional avatars of the ruling class.  The Gospel writer names Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are also part of the illusion.

Once you fully wrap your mind around the truth about Christianity, that Jesus is fictional character in a reworked sun god myth – the mooring is cut between the belief in guaranteed salvation and you have to face up to your existence being a temporary thing.  Afterlife or not, you are going to die and not exist at least not in the flesh.  Your eventual death is coming and you know there is no magical way to cheat your way out of your own personal apocalypse once Jesus is extricated from your mind.  Jesus is a way for your ego to survive in this life, whatever happens to “you” after death has nothing to do with the man-god myth.

But I already knew that Jesus was fiction long before I ever heard of Atwill or ‘Caesar’s Messiah’, because I had self realized that this god construct was impossible, the god of the Bible is not just bad literature, the god everyone was worshipping was an evil deity that should not be venerated for any reason.  God the father was false and so was the son, no god would have ever judged us in the first place nor would any god find it necessary to hang itself on a cross for our sins because of it’s judgmental personality.  The story is ridiculous and I question the validity of my culture for being duped by this salvation fable for so long.  Are humans really that dumb?

What I figured out for myself was that the primary cultural myth was a product of many dishonest or unthinking minds, Jesus was not going to save anyone in the next life since not only because he never existed as a god or prophet, but because the Jewish judgmental construct of reality was patently false.  Jesus was a magic trick of the priest in this life to get obedience of the slaves and keep them from murdering the the ruling elite.  Jesus was a creation of the wealthy ruling class.

The entire premise and story line of the Holy Bible is very bad fiction because of the effect that the belief has in modern society, we are waging wars based on the myth being true.  But what if the Holy Bible isn’t true, what if it is very bad literature that is creating the Apocalypse?  From the perspective outside of the myth, no god is propelling us toward a certain outcome, gods are our creation, we invent the gods and their personalities.  The gods are just like us even though they are without flesh or our animalistic desires.

The current Apocalypse in the Middle East is not some future event, and no one gets raptured out of their own end times creation.  No god is going to save us from our own folly.  No god cares what we do or what we choose to experience. We can blow ourselves to kingdom come and god isn’t going to be disturbed in the least.  There are millions, if not billions of planets.  If we terminate ourselves on this one it isn’t a big deal.  God never incarnates for any reason, no matter how bad we behave, even if we blow ourselves up in a nuclear war.

We are in the Apocalypse right now because we fear death and are trying to reconcile our relationship with our imagined god.  We are pretending to be in a war against the devil, we are mocking gods omnipotence by attempting to save souls by bombing those not saved by our Jesus god.  Our cultural myths concerning beating death with a mere belief system are getting us to act out the Apocalypse in the present.  Our egos are fully invested in what we’ve created and we won’t let go, we’ve told ourselves the myth for so long we will never admit that we made it up to beat our fear of death.

Chapter 2. Externalizing the Fear of Death


The Apocalypse in the Middle East is being caused by the externalization of the fear of death.  Western peoples have been universally converted and wholly embraced the Roman pagan sun myth of Christianity, with this reworked sun-man-god myth they prospered with their egos delivered from the intense fear of non-existence.  But there was a downside, the last book of the Holy Bible, Revelations, is being acted out.  Thoughts are real things that manifest, collective thoughts are particularly powerful.

Nary one Christian has embraced their creative potential, because the myth memes teach total obedience to external authority, Christians are unable to intellectually grasp that their collective thoughts are creating the Apocalypse in the Middle East.  Instead, they fervently believe that the end time is manifesting just as predicted in the holy text.  But they are wrong about causality, God isn’t making the Apocalypse happen, we are.

Christians are wrong about god, they have immature minds and their minds spell bound by the text:  no god cares what we do, no god commands us, no god has any desire for us.  Such ideas all have arrived to the modern age from ancient superstition when the human brain associated natural events with god.  Thunder and lightning were thought from an invisible, angry, external entity and plant, animals, even humans sacrificed to appease the angry deities imagined.

We got God all wrong says Neale Donald Walsch.  The best selling new age author, who has converted millions of people to his new version of god, says we got god completely wrong.  How wrong?  Catastrophically wrong, so wrong that we are creating a literal Apocalypse from our fear of death.  Millions of people are dying right now and the Christianized West completely denies their role in the tragedy because they are in religious denial of the creative power of thought.

Neale Walsch has single handily destroyed the Jewish notions about God.  In his latest work, ‘God’s Message to the World;  You’ve Got Me All Wrong’ he list 17 notions about God we got so wrong that one might come to the conclusion our specie must be fatally flawed.  How could we have gotten every assumption about God wrong, and continued to get them wrong for thousands of years?

• God is to be feared.

• God may not even exist.

• God exists and is a superhuman male being.

• God demands obedience.

• God sees us as imperfect, and we may not return to God in an imperfect state.

• God requires us to believe in God, and to worship God in a specific way.

• God is vengeful and God’s love can turn to wrath.

• God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began.

• God determines what is right and wrong.

• God’s forgiveness is required for us to get into heaven.

• God has a plan for us.

• God is on our side.

• God honors self-sacrifice, long-suffering (preferably in silence), and martyrdom.

• God sometimes answers our prayers and sometimes does not.

• God will reward us or punish us on Judgment Day.

• God wants us to return to heaven.

• God is separate from us.

Not one of these statements is true.

But that’s not all.  Another book has emerged that has destroyed every notion we’ve had about Jesus and salvation.  First, the Jesus we’ve been taught was never a real person,  the New Testament was written by the Roman state, the Caesar (Titus) is the real Jesus, and the author of the original text is Josephus.  And all of the Gospel god spells were written after the sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  We got the authors wrong!  We even got the timeline of the holy text authorship completely wrong!





Christians are so wrong about their myth, Joseph Atwill has been proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Jesus never even existed.  Whoa ranger!  Not only are our supernatural notions about the almighty wrong, but God’s son never incarnated!    ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ is an important a book as the Book of Mark two millenia ago.  Christianity is a spell to quell the fears of the ego about death:

Once you fully wrap your mind around the truth about Christianity, that Jesus is fictional character in a reworked sun god myth – the mooring is cut between the belief in guaranteed salvation and you have to face up to your existence being a temporary thing.  Afterlife or not, you are going to die and not exist at least not in the flesh.  Your eventual death is coming and you know there is no magical way to cheat your way out of your own personal apocalypse once Jesus is extricated from your mind.  Jesus is a way for your ego to survive in this life, whatever happens to “you” after death has nothing to do with the man-god myth.

Jesus never hung on a cross for your sins, Jesus never existed, God never judged you, there’s no hell and  no devil.  Every single idea about God is a misperception of reality.  We are a fail as a specie, we are now manifesting the Apocalypse like lemmings jumping off the cliff.

How is this even possible, how could we get god so wrong for two thousand years?  Have we been under a spell?  If so, how do spells work, shouldn’t we be examining all of our other myths?  What about 911, the War of Terror, Sandy Hook?  Is the government spell binding the public with political myth?  Do governments and churches work together to keep us under spells so that they BOTH can work us over?

Chapter 3. Spellbound by the Memes


How can we be so dumb to be caught in the Jesus myth for nearly 2,000 years?  I don’t know but I suspect that the Jesus myth is a magic spell because there’s no other explanation.  I don’t believe in Jesus but if I met him I’m sure he’d end up being a good friend, how can anyone not like a guy that loves you so much that he’d give his life for you?  Well, I’m like most people, I’ve always liked the Jesus character even though as I matured I eventually realized that no such man could of existed.

With years of experiential evidence I realized that no man is perfect, that life is a process and perfection impossible, not even if god came here.  You might spend a life trying to perfect yourself, but life will never let you actually get there.  Life is a process of perfection, not perfection itself.  Likewise, God is a thoughtform that is being perfected over the ages, god was never perfect, we have never imagined the perfect god as of yet, and can never do so because life, and our imagination, is a process of manifestation.  God has changed over time, and will continue to do so just like you.

Just when you think you found the perfect car – someone will invent a better one.  Just when you thought you knew Jesus the Jewish controlled empire brought the hammer down on the Muslims, so you had to re-imagine Jesus in the new light of daily bombing raids.  Jesus became a robust promoter of Republican adventurism, he got a facelift and many people responded to the times by switching their pet dog to a Pit Bull.  Jesus god changed just as you have changed.

Jesus is the most important fictional character that we’ve collectively agreed to emulate for the last two millenia.  Jesus is a template for the perfect man, at least what we’ve imagined to be the perfect man, but we must graduate from our myth meme spells and quit believing in the salvation spell as literal.  No one is getting judged in the afterlife, the only judgment you’ll ever see is from yourself, your fellow men, or from a Jewish derived court.  No god will ever judge you, only men judge one another, not the gods.

If you are judgmental then so is god.  Why?  Because it is your mind and ego inventing the god.  God is your ego projected into hyperspace, god is the collective ego of society.  Yahweh is the collective ego of the Jewish tribe, and since we’ve matured as a culture, we no longer follow the laws of that god because to do so is barbaric, we no longer stone people to death for adultery.  In fact the Jews control the Hollywood porn industry, they promote the exact opposite of what their holy book says, Tel Aviv is now the gay capital of the world.

So as we mature our thinking, as the times change so does our imagination of god.  God became Joseph Smith, or black, or Hispanic.  God became macho or Republican.  God is whatever we say he is, we may even switch him to her.  Maybe we will become sick of the he-man god as we choke on nuclear radiation and then switch to a female deity.  The motto of the goddess is do no harm, something we need to learn as a culture.  I say we should worship women, because god doesn’t hold a candle to the female form or feminine energy.

The entire Apocalyptic script is revolving around the Jesus meme, the main tenet is that Jesus is coming back during the destruction sequence.  The wars of dominance are an ongoing crisis because of the belief system we’ve decided to act out, we must save souls at all costs, even if it means destroying all those who resist our Jewish god supremacy. We are exceptional, we are saved, we are better because our holy book informs us that those that believe go to heaven while all others go straight to hell.

It doesn’t matter what we do since god is coming back to save us no matter how evil we become while saving souls.  But deep down inside we also know that god is never coming back no matter how much we imagine otherwise.  We are in a state of schizophrenic ecstasy over our god belief, we get to do the joy of killing and be in existential doubt about the strength of our belief at the same time.  We know we shouldn’t kill but do it anyways.

God doesn’t care what we do, we are gods in amnesia not owning our creative potential.  We create our reality even when we believe the gods are doing it.  We also create our gods and proof is how we’ve created thousands of gods and no longer believe in hardly any of them.  Christians scoff at Zeus but fervently believe in ‘hey zeus’ or Jesus.  The name of Jesus is derived from the author’s name Josephus.  Jesus is an anagram of Josephus, the author cleverly encoded his own name into the character he developed, the perfect man for Jews to emulate.

Josephus autobiography:

“And when I was about sixteen years old, I had a mind to make trim of the several sects that were among us. These sects are three: – The first is that of the Pharisees, the second that Sadducees, and the third that of the Essens, as we have frequently told you; for I thought that by this means I might choose the best, if I were once acquainted with them all; so I contented myself with hard fare, and underwent great difficulties, and went through them all.”

The boy Jesus in the Temple:

Luke 2:41-47

[41] Every year his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. [42] When he was twelve years old, they went up to the Feast, according to the custom. [43] After the Feast was over, while his parents were returning home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but they were unaware of it. [44] Thinking he was in their company, they traveled on for a day. Then they began looking for him among their relatives and friends. [45] When they did not find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him. [46] After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. [47] Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.

Where did the Jews get the template for Abraham?  Christ?  Why are Hindu gods appearing in Semitic literature?  Someone is plagiarizing Hindu theology and calling it their own.  Who is inverting the teachings of the Sanatan Dharma, who is demonizing Hindu theology for political purpose?

Why is any of this important?  Because the entire apocalyptic script is revolving around Jesus, Jesus is coming back during the end times, Jesus is the center of the memetic spell that we are destroying ourselves and the Middle East.  Without Jesus, America would not be possessed by the memes of salvation, redemption, and judgment.  Without Jesus, America would not be possessed by the Holy Bible, the Jews would not be in control, and the United States would not be bombing the hell out of the Middle East.

Jesus is the center of the wheel hub about which all of prophecy rotates.  Jesus is the reason we beat the fear of death and kill others in order to get to heaven.  Without Jesus we would be lost, without Jesus the entire Western civilization might come crashing down, Jesus is the cornerstone of the empire.  With Jesus the Jews rule unopposed by the Gentile world which is totally caught in the spell, like fish who’ve swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Revelation is not prophecy so much as it is collective programming, what we believe we act out. No god is coming back to save us, no god has ever incarnated to fix the follies of mankind even though religious literature is full of such stories. It’s time to overcome the Gospel god spell.  The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are spells on the human mind.  Unfortunately for most people, those words of the Gospels are taken literal, they do not realize that believing in the Gospels is a spell on the mind.

No Jesus ever existed, no writer named John ever existed, they are fictional by the real writers who we’ve been informed are the patriarchs of the Roman state.  Caesar was John, Josephus was Jesus.  It’s a clever ruse of Rome to convert the Messianic Jews to a religion favorable to the empire.  Christianity is what evolved out of that effort, unfortunately the Jews never converted, but the Gentiles did.  Christianity is the most successful religion of all time, it grew and grew and took over the entire Western world.

As a result, the Jews were able to then take over because Christians are unable to perceive the Jews as a threat.  All of the West is now in hock to the Jewish bankers, all of the West lives under the yoke of Jewish military domination, nearly all the media is controlled by Jews who endlessly propagandize the Terror War that they themselves are running.  When are you going to figure out the Jesus is the number one deception of the Zionist Jews who have completely hoodwinked the Goyim to do their bidding?

Jesus ain’t real and even if you believe with all your heart and soul in the redemptive power of the Jewish savior he just ain’t the real deal.  I am the real deal, you are the real deal, but Jesus is just like the fictional character I’ve created as my avatar Yukon Jack – is a fictional character of some mysterious writer on the rebel website.  Josephus did the same thing, he created a fictional character of of the perfect Jewish man for Jews to emulate and not be a problem of the Roman empire.

Jesus is the problem with the gentil peons slavishly enslaved to the Jewish myth, and Jesus will only be your savior if you are in a low fear ego vibration and unable to self realize that no judging god exists, no hell or devil awaits you in some fictional afterlife.  God doesn’t judge you now or later, you don’t need to be saved by the Jew but from the Jew. 

Much of the western world remains spellbound by the Gospel memes, Josephus wrote the myth the converted the entire Roman empire to Christianity, and now the Jews have taken control and are destroying the world.  Jesus is the problem, not the solution.


Chapter 4. Apocalypse Self Deception


One of the greatest self deceptions amongst the Evangelical Christian churches is that The Book of Revelations has something to do with the present time period.  Along with the Jesus messiah deception, whereby a Christian gains eternal life by mere belief (not acts), the apostate protestant churches have deceived themselves into believing that they can create hell on earth and escape their lustful wanton acts of destruction by being raptured out of the end times destruction sequence.

Revelation was written around 96 A.D., it is allegorical account of the Roman emperors, it is not prophecy but history of Rome.  It is not about our future, Christ never existed, he never came back like the Apostles expected in their lifetime.

Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her “seven hills” — the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the Emperors of Rome. The “five fallen” refer to the five emperors who have died: Augustus (29 BCE – 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-54) and Nero (54-68). “One has a wound” refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom conftemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal wound. The head “who is” refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is “not yet” refers to Titus(79-81). The head that “was but is not” refers to an eighth emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus “forecasting” what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later

Unfortunately, Revelations is being made manifest by all those who fervently believe we are in end times.  We are creating end times with group thought, the great faith of the Evangelist Christians is a weapon being used by Israel to destroy the Arab nations, these end time fanatics believe that they can force Jesus to return by creating hell on earth.  This is a grand self deception and physical impossibility since the myth man god never existed.

thoughts manifest reality whether you know it or not

No greater evil exists today than the Zionist Evangelical churches married to Israhell.  The Evangelicals are 100% responsible for the genocide in Gaza, the destruction of the Middle East, the fracture and destabilization of Arab states and the huge refugee crisis that rivals World War 2.  Over half of the Syrian population has had to flee because of the atrocious acts of ISIS,the Israeli proxy army that beheads and crucifies women and children.

Internet writer John Kaminski has told us in no uncertain terms that the Jews are the creators of the Destabilization Template, the intentional fracturing and destruction of all the Arab states around the Jew hell state of Israel.  Twelve million Syrians forced to flee because of the Jews, 500,000 dead and 1,000,000 wounded Syrians in the last five years all because the Evangelicals love Israel so much!

It’s the Apocalypse made manifest by those who have faith in the Bible, by those who worship Yahweh and believe in the Jewish savior Jesus.  Hell on earth made by those in a state of faith, by those who disdain reason, logic, compassion, and love.  Hell is the fruit of the marriage between Evangelical Christians and Israel.  Make no mistake and understand who is causing this death wave, it’s the lovers of Israel demanding inseparable loyalty to hell incorporated.

The evil Zionist state can only get away with murder because of the undying support of the American Evangelical churches for Israel.  Christians are manifesting the Tribulation with their collective thoughts.  God’s plan is NOT being made manifest.  God doesn’t have a plan, god is not an external being like the Bible says, god is the creative force of the Universe.

The Christian death cult is manifesting their collective thought energy and it is the conductor directing the destruction of the planet.  The church is using its creative potential to create death, destruction, and hell on earth.  Christians are unknowingly making the Apocalypse happen, they do not understand their role in the end times, they believe prophecy is coming true when in fact they are making it come true.

Group prayer is a way to amplify the thought energy, when Christians do group prayer they are creating a powerful thought form, that has power in this realm.  Christians all around the world pray for demonic Israel – this gives Israel tremendous spiritual power – invincible power to do great harm to many.  As the group thought manifests it only reinforces their belief that we are in end times, thus a self fulfilling prophecy positive feedback loop has been established by those in faith.
Christians deny their spiritual power and hide behind the Jewish savior.  They say Jesus is controlling the world, but this is patently absurd, Jesus is saving no one from the wanton hell of the born again loons.
Christian behavior belies the truth, they often form prayer circles and pray for outcome – which is their thoughts, will, and intentions specifically being directed for specific outcome.   Christians are waging psychic warfare just to prove their faith.
God is a meme, there’s no god up there directing events – we are in charge of our destiny.  It is religious pathology to deny the obvious cause and effect, we are doing it.  The earth is total mayhem, no divine mind is in control – the earth situation is so bad it seems as if the devil in control.  The real devil is the church which is using its power in a deadly way, to wage wars of political dominance via it’s creature, the state.
many-christians-believe-jesus-is-watching-over-or-controlling-the-earth-but-is-that-trueThere is no devil in another realm, only the Evangelical devils in this realm.  There is willful Bible believers manifesting their thoughts.  The great secret of the Holy Bible is that it is the program code of our destruction, it is the spellbinding holy text we are acting out like a script. The Holy Bible is god’s word weaponized to make hell on earth.
Virtually no preacher protests the wars against the Muslims, the 911 false flag, the military adventurism of the United States and the rest of the Western nations beholden to the Jewish holy book.  All the while the Evangelical television preachers quote the holy book to support the terror war, never is Israel criticized for doing 911, never do they point out that the Jews are destroying the Arab states, not once do these traitors support the home nation.
If we believe in an obedience to an angry god we act this energy out by punishing others.  If we believe in punishment we fill prisons and bomb other nations for disobedience.  Fear of death and the need to control drives the Christian religion forward, Revelation text drives us toward our doom, we are blind to what we are doing to ourselves.
word-of-god-meme-god-exists-in-a-bookChristians (like most theists) use the god meme to establish political authority – they even claim that God himself appoints the ruling class.  That claim is exactly opposite of reality – the ruling class is dominated by mass murderers, child rapists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and escapees from the lunatic asylums.  The Holy Bible is dead wrong, it is state propaganda, the ruling class is not appointed by god by those who lust for power.AUTHORITY ESTABLISHED WITH THE GOD MEMEThe power established by religion allows the worst people on the planet to rule over all, it has created massive bloodshed and destruction.  We are in the Tribulation because of mass sustained Apocalyptic thoughts from widespread Bible beliefs.  Christian Evangelism is a significant part of this crisis, Evangelists are manifesting the Apocalypse with collective thought, they are empowering the demonic state of Israel and allowing the Jews to mass murder millions of people.

the boot stamping on your face forever is owned by a rabbi

Christian book authors made a killing selling the Apocalypse – they helped create it.  The popular Left Behind books programmed the masses to believe and create a mass thoughtform that is manifesting now.  They got their flocks to pray for Israel that carried out their mass intention of total destruction.  Israel is the most unholy nation amongst all nations, yet Christian Evangelists believe God Almighty has chosen Israel over all others.


The truth about this Evangelical movement that it was nurtured and brought to fruition by the Zionists, who used it to accomplish their goals.  In other words, the Israelis are using the Christian dupes as political support, they subverted the holy text for their purpose – after all the Bible was always a Jewish propaganda ploy.

European peoples are committing cultural and genetic suicide by allowing the Jews to run their nation states, by allowing the Zionists to brings millions of refugees into their nations as a Trojan horse.  Christians are allowing Jews to run their nations into the ground and refuse to stand up for themselves because they have made Jewish holy text their own.


We must charge Christianity with willful misconduct, making earth hell for their religious goals of domination and hold them accountable.  These Bible touting fruitcakes must be brought to justice, we should not allow them to get away with mayhem and murder and genocide.  Isn’t it about time we give them their just due for what they have done?  Supporting Israel is treason, supporting the War of Terror is immoral and suicidal.  It’s time for sane Americans to put down the rabid Zionist threat destroying the United States.


Chapter 5. The Initiation of Force Drives the Apocalypse


We are in the Bible created Apocalypse.  The root cause of the Apocalypse is in the Bible text itself, the Jewish holy book instructs the user to initiate the use of force.  The Holy Bible is a holy guide on the use of force as a moral attribute.  God teaches the Israelites to initiate the use of force on other tribes.  Believers are taught to obey god without question.

This ideal of using force to get what you want is what is driving the current conflict, Jews have stolen Palestine and are in the process of trying to take the neighboring states to create a super Israel, a greater Israel.  Eventually they will want to control the whole world.  Everything is possible for the Jews so long as the Goyim believe their holy text as the word of god.

The Apocalypse is not a prophecy coming true but memetic programming acting itself out.  The West is initiating the use of force against the Muslim states based on the 911 deception.  Israel did 911, they did it to manipulate the United States to attack its enemies.  It’s not prophecy, it’s the intentional and willful misconduct of nation building based on the use of deception and force.

The Holy Bible is mankind’s program code of destruction, it is so completely evil that it may destroy our current civilization or even the specie itself.  America has committed suicide by allowing the Jews to not only do 911, but to bankrupt the nation and cause the entire world to hate America.  The United States is in a self created death spiral because of its allegiance to the Holy Bible and Israel.

If there is a problem with the world it is how some people and nations believe that they have some right to use force to accomplish a political goal.  This is the central idea in the Jewish written Bible, all throughout the text is god’s demand that you go do something violent to the non-believers.  Many times the Jew writer/god tells his people to kill everything, even the women, children, and dogs.

1 Samuel 15:3 (New International Version)
“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

Psalm 137:9  (New International Version)
“Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”

Isaiah 13:16 (New International Version)
“Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated.

Deuteronomy 20:16 (New International Version)
“However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”

The message to the Bible student is very clear, God wants you to torture, rape, murder with vengeance other people.  God rewards obedience and punishes resistance.  The God of the Bible is a vindictive ethnic cleanser.  This message is acted out every second of every day in the courts, the jails, the war machine.  The prime minister of Israel believes he has the absolute right to initiate the use of force on the native Palestinians, he believes in the Torah text, he implements state policy consistent with the Torah instructional manual on genocide.

To believe this as God’s holy word is the making of a sick mind.  Why?  Because the Jew is telling you that the most holy thing you can do is initiate the use of force:  to kill innocent men, women, and children in the name of god.   Indoctrination into the Jewish holy book makes mad killers of a nation’s sons ordered into war by the state, which is the creature of the church.  The church created the monster, the monster is the state, the entity with the only legal right to initiate the use of force.

Only a spellbound, duped, evil society would allow this book to be taught to children.  America and the rest of the Western nation states are sick and guilty as hell for allowing anyone to read, let alone believe in this book.  But Amerika is totally wrapped up in Jewish wickedness and is not coming out of the spell anytime soon.  Evangelist Christians are hoping and praying for the Apocalypse to prove their faith true.

The Holy Bible is a terrorist training manual.  It is evil, it must be banned or we are doomed.  No one has the right to teach terrorism as a holy teaching.  Yet we are teaching it, the Jewish controlled television is full of Christian programming that glorifies the teachings of the holy Bible and Israel.  America is totally damned yet believes itself to be blessed for housing Jews.

When Bibi Netanyahu comes to town the American congress gives him standing ovations until our elected representatives hands bleed from adoration of the one of the biggest mass murders in history.  The antichrist Satanyahu received a record 29 standing ovations from the sycophantic Congress eager to please it’s master.

Make no mistake in understanding how the church and state work together in creating obedience to authority and making war, the two have one in the same goal of political dominance, and they achieve this by allowing churches to instruct the masses into Jewish style warfare, the psychopathic instruction manual called the Holy Bible.

The church pretends to oppose the state, bu that is nonsense.  The state was born of the priest, the state has the monopoly on the use of force just like the priests had when they ruled the world.  The whole world is infected with the state meme and now Israel has gained control the western nations and is manipulating them to do it’s bidding.

The Apocalypse is the result of this indoctrination, the Gentile world has been converted to Hebrew thinking and American Christian sons voluntarily march off to Jewish conceived wars of world domination.  Israel is the bastard son of the Holy Bible, it is a Jewish only state that was conceived by the Rabbinic priests who invented the psychopathic god Yahweh.

The Goddess instructs you to not do harm to another, force is only justified as a defensive action.  The problem is that in our Western mythology has been Judaized, all the feminine removed.  The Jewish holy text is for male energy only. God is a he man who kills, and kills, and kills.  Netanyahu is the perfect embodiment of this male god, he is the one who kills, kills, kills just like Yahweh.

The world is wrapped up in Apocalyptic death spiral caused by religious belief.  Not much anyone can do about it.  The world is lost, so have a whiskey, get a bottle of Yukon Jack and have a drink on me.  We are doomed and hell awaits us because the Holy Bible is a death spell on us.  Nobody has a clue on how to change the system and things must get much worse before the emotional energy is available needed to break the black magic spell of the Jewish written Holy Bible.